IonAlb is a tourism oriented company based in the city of Sarande,at the south part of Albania. IonAlb has first started its activity in 2011 offering multiple guided tours in touristic sites such as The Archaeological Park of Butrint,which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Also The Archaeological Park of Phoinice,The Natural Park Of the Blue Eye,The City Of Gjirokaster ect.
Just a few years later, IonAlb purchased a touristic ship and became so,the first ever touristic sailing ship in the territory of Albania. The ship was named Onhezmus1 after the name Onhezmus that the town of Saranda used to have in the antiquity. The Onhezmus1 boat would become not only one of the most favorite touristic attractions in Saranda, it would also become our business flagship.   

Our Philosophy

From day 1 we have always believed that the best approach towards a success is being dedicated to details on what we do.Working hard and making summer unforgettable for every single person who visits us has been our driving force!

About Our Future

Being dedicated and working hard paid back for us. We decided to offer more to the tourists,so we added more services such as Fast Boat Tours,Accommodation Rentals ect.

Tailor-Made Touring

being a main actor

Ionalb has been and will continue to be the main actor when it comes to tourism in Saranda. With a vast selection of choices,we offer not only multiple tourism options,we also make sure that we offer the highest quality of it.

Starting with our bestseller the Onhezmus1 Boat,the fast boat tours,the night sails in the bay where the ship turns into a cocktail bar.The restaurants that offer high quality food and variety of choices on their menu.Also to not forget the apartments for rent,the insurance policies,the port services. We have the whole pack,and we are happy to keep being professionals and dedicated towards what we offer.

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