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Being in Saranda,you are lucky to find your self so close to so many natural beauties,but also historical and archaeological sites.Buildings dating back to the IVth century BC.Natural parks consisting in Springs that bring crystal clear water from 50m underneath the surface.Medieval towns completely made out of stones,left exactly as they were build hundreds of years ago.

We have created a few of the best tours,guided by professionals.You can get to experience a unique visit on one of these sites,while being informed on details about anything you wish to know.

The Ancient City of Butrint

The first Albanian site to be part of UNESCO World Heritage,located only 20 minutes away from...
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The Natural Park Of The Blue Eye

A natural wonder,a spring of crystal clear water with a cooling temperature,located only....
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The Stone City Of Gjirokaster

The second site to be part of UNESCO World Heritage in Albania,is located just minutes away ...

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