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Onhezmus 1 ship daily tours from Saranda to Krorez Bay are the adventures that are missing from your bucket list. An amazing journey you do not want to miss out.Sightseeing breaks,lunch,drinks,swiming and cliffjumping and so much more!

Flagship Onhezmus 1

Onhezmus 1 is the first Albanian-style tourist boat in the Ionian coast. Its name comes from Onhezmi (the name of Saranda town, dates back to ancient times, and comes from the name of a southeastern wind that was blowing and facilitating the voyages of vessels sailing the Ionian waters)

Onhezmus 1 is a typical 100% wooden antique style boat built in 2011. During the construction of this ship, the constructors considered its tourist profile, and this is distinguished by its parameters such as length 23.3 meters and width 7.4 meters, and has a capacity of 107 people. These parameters offer a safe and quiet sailing for the tourists.The wooden structure of course gives it an unique experience,look and a memory that will last long in your mind.

The Onhezmus 1 Boat tours are offered in two packages.A simple tour ticket will include the boat ride from Saranda to Krorez Bay and back.
A lunch including ticket will include the boat ride from Saranda to Krorez Bay and back,also the buffet lunch that will be served on board of the ship.

It is completely up to you to choose which package you want to choose.

Prices start at 5€/person.

On board of this ship you will have the opportunity to enjoy various beverages including alcoholic ones.

Below You Can Find Drink Menu

Our daily tours typically start at 10:00 and last up to 17:00, starting from Saranda to Krorez Bay. The tour is designed to offer not just a ship ride,on contrary,we offer you the possibility to stop and enjoy every bit of the Ionian Coast line.

Below you can find a detailed schedule:

Onhezmus 1

Daily Schedule

10:00- Departure from the main pier at the boulevard of Saranda
10:45- Short stop to enjoy the cliff face of Cape of Qefali
10:50- Sailing along the Kakome Bay and stop at Kakome Bay for swimming
12:00-Sailing form Kakome Bay and stop at Krorez Bay for swimming
14:00- Lunch time for those who have ordered the full package.
15:45- Sailing back to Saranda
17:00- Arrival at the dock

Book Onhezmus 1 For Your Desired Event

Onhezmus 1 is more than just a boat.
The ship is equipped with a full kitchen and bar and has by all means the capacity to offer more than just boat trips.
Therefore we have thought about it and decided to offer the boat for various events. We have organized quite a few of them now and they truly turned out to be quite magical for everyone on board.

We can on your behalf take care of everything.Food,beverages,decoration,tables,chairs and everything else you might require.All you have to do is notify is in advance and we will take care of everything and make sure to make your event an experience that you will never forget!

Feel the Vibe

Boat Parties Like Nowhere Else

Summer has no meaning without a party. We organize proper boat parties throughout the whole summer. The party is held on board while the ship is sailing towards isolated bays where the music wont disturb anyone,so the party can continue all night long! Make sure to follow us on social media and stay tuned.

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