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Why should you Visit Saranda

While this might look like the cliche article of a seaside town local businessman trying to convince you to visit his town,we promise you it is not. In fact, we are going to cover briefly a some of the many strong reasons why you should visit Saranda at least once in your lifetime!

Saranda is one of the richest part of albania when it comes to history and culture

Yes you read that right.Saranda and the areas nearby have been in fact inhabited since the pre historical times. Not far from the town,close to a village called Konispol you can find a cave that has been inhabited since prehistorical times. 18000BC to be exact.

To put things on a historical order,just a few kilometers from the caves,you can find The Ancient City Of Butrint
 a UNESCO site which dates back to the IVth century BC.And a few more kilometers away you can find the Ancient City Of Phoinice also dating back to the IVth century BC.

A few kilometers away again and you get to visit multiple more ruins.We will just count a few. The Monastery of the 40 saints , The Monastery of St.Nikolas,The Monastery of Hail Mary Kostar,The Monastery of St.George,The Mosque of Gjin Aleks,The Paleochristian Basilica,The 4th century Jewish Synagogue.We can keep counting,they just never end.

Honestly a trip to Saranda can give you lectures in human history,art,antiquity ect.
But lets just not focus on history.There are plenty more reasons why you should visit this town.

Crystal clear water,so blue you will think someone painted it.All of the places are accessible by public transport as well as private vehicles. The furthest located 25 minutes away from the city center,while the closest just 100m walking from the city center.

There is a place for everyone!
Except the public beach that can be easily found alongside the main promenade of the town,you can check out places like Pema E Thate,Arameras Bay,Ksamil Islands,Kep Merli,Mirror Beach,Monastery Beach,Kakome Beach,Lukove Beach,Borsh Beach.All places are of course well developed where services and facilities do not lack.You can of course find restaurants,and bars.

Being so close to the sea,sea activities wont be missing.Check out our boat trips organized by Onhezmus 1 boat. Plenty of options to choose.

Saranda has a total of 12 different places where you can go to the beach

Saranda does offer also nature exploring,camping,rafting,scubba diving and more

Saranda is definitely blessed in a lot of aspects. The climate here is favorable for almost any sort of activity. There are nearly  305 sunny days per year on average! Precipitation is close to 1 month or two in the whole year.
Having the perfect climate will go perfect with the things you can do here.

You can hike to the top of the hill to visit the ruins of the Monastery of 40 Saints. The views from up there are breathtaking! Also you can hike and visit the top of the mountain Heremec,which is the highest altitude found within the area of Saranda.

Just a few kilometers away from the town there is one of the most amazing places you can ever see. The Natural Park Of The Blue Eye. A wonder park with a huge karstic spring that looks like a human eye. Probably the best area to be visiting when in town during summer.Super cold refreshing water,high trees and amazing wildlife will be waiting for you there!   

Scubba Diving,Water Jet Skies,Boat Rides,Horse Trekks,Fishing Tours,Nighlife,Cocktail Bars,Restaurants offering a vast collection of dishes so to speak traditional cuisine,mediterranean and modern. Amazing hospitality,great people and thousands of places to rent.Not kidding.Check Booking. Or if you are lazy just click HERE and we can show you some good options.

The bottom line

It takes quite a few pages and hundreds of words to be describing what you can actually do in Saranda. There is also the opportunity to be writing it all down,but at the end of the day,what is the purpose of visiting some place you know everything about because you read it online? We want to leave some element of surprise there as well.
What we also need to tell you,is that we are quite aware of the increasing numbers. Saranda is becoming the new Mallorca,as well as Albania will soon be the new Spain,and you know what they say about Spain right?
“You should have visited it while you could”
Dont miss this chance 😉