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Are you visiting Saranda on your own boat? We offer high standart shipping services. Our agents can take care of berth reservations,customs clearance,fueling and even supplies in no time!All you need to do is click the button below and let us know.

Our Port Services

Visiting Saranda on you own vessel sounds like the perfect thing to do considering the low fees,the cheap fuel prices and almost zero taxes for sailing vessels. The thing is,it is definitely not that easy if you are not guided or served by a local agent. You should first and foremost consider that Saranda has a relatively small port,meaning during busy summer days it might be a long waiting time on the queue.Secondally you should consider the high number of vessels visiting this bay especially during summer. Last but not least,you should forget all the pre mentioned and just contact us. Why Ionalb? Have a look at the information below

We Are Professionals

We have been in the tourism business for a long time now,and never offered something we did not master. When it comes to Port Services we have two of the best agents in town that can take care and offer as below

• Bunkering
• Yatch clearances and formalities
• Itinerary planning
• Provisionings
• Berth reservations
• Travel and transportation
• Hotel & Restaurant reservations

All you have to do is reach us by our contact details,and our agents will provide help in record time.

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