Archaeological Park Of Butrint

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The Archaeological Park Of Butrint is a unesco world heritage site

Butrint,is an ancient city that used to be inhabited by different civilizations through different periods of time. The special thing about it,is that each of these civilizations has preserved at the maximum amount possible,what they found there. This makes Butrint, a magical place to be visited. You will get the chance to see ruins from the Hellenistic period of time,Roman period of time,Byzantine and Venetian. This mix is perfect and so well preserved that at certain points of the tour you will be getting the feeling that you are actually back in those times living the moment.

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Experience what is considered to be the Albanian gem

The tour inside the Archaeological Park typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes. At the end of it,there will be a break at the top of the hill where the whole ancient city is located.On the top of the hill there is a Venetian Castle constructed around the XIII century where an amazing museum will be waiting for your visit. There are also restrooms and refreshment options at the end point.

The perfect place to be

Being located at the end point of a peninsula,makes the park the best place to be during the hot summer days.The majority of the ruins are covered by high bay trees whose shade makes the temperature perfect for the tour.


The park is located 25 minutes driving from Saranda. We will of course drive you there and back.On the way to Butrint our guide will explain a lot more things regarding objects of interest that you will see on both sides of the road.

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Everyone offers tours.We offer more than just a simple guided tour.We offer an experience that you will never forget.Combining our experience with the magical sites where we guide we are ready to give you the ultimate tour!

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Our guides are multilingual and have an experience of more than 10 years.

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We offer flexible cancellation policy regarding the booking,

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Because our guides have been in the business long enough,we know exactly when and how to take you there to avoid an overcrowded park and make this experience pleasant.

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We offer this tour on several languages.

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There is absolutely no one who visited Saranda and didnt visit Butrint. It is just a MUST visit!

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Our guide will stop you in several locations with amazing views,so you can take pictures that will always make you remember the amazing experience you will have in Saranda.

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