The natural park of the blue eye

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The natural park of the blue eye is a natural phenomena

The park consists in a collection of 18 karstic springs that bring a total of 20mᶟ/s. The most of the springs are located on both sides of the valley at non reachable locations. The main attraction though is the what so called Blue Eye which is also the biggest out of these 18 springs. The Blue Eye brings nearly 8.8mᶟ/s being so the main spring of the park. Called the blue eye after its resemblance to a human eye,being blue in the center due to the depth of the spring (52m) and white and green all around due to the algae. The water here is crystal clear and totally drinkable with an average all year round temperature of only 10°C.

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Experience albanias most refreshing site to be during summer

The Natural Park of the Blue Eye is located 35 minutes driving from Saranda.Located in a valley.The destination is accessible by car up to the main entrance of the park,where a shuttle tourist train will collect us to take us to the main spring.Inside the park,you will have the opportunity to visit The Blue Eye Spring,but also there are several facilities offering food,refreshments and souvenirs.

The Crystal Clear Water

As mentioned above,the water is crystal clear.It is totally drinkable and the temperature of it is the cherry on top of te cake,being only 10°C,it is absolutely what you need on a hot summer day,

The Spring

The blue eye is a rare natural phenomena inside the Albanian territory. Being there you will not only get the chance to see the amazing views of the lagoon,you will also have amazing views of the high mountains surrounding the valley, high oak trees,multiple fish species and birds.

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Due to the natural conditions,The Blue Eye is one of the most visited sites during summer here. Where else could it be better than where you have ice cold refreshing water to cool down during the heat?

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Our guide will stop you in several locations with amazing views,so you can take pictures that will always make you remember the amazing experience you will have in Saranda.

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