The Stone City of Gjirokaster

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The Stone City of Gjirokaster is a unesco world heritage site

Gjiroksater is a well preserved Ottoman architecture styled town located 60 minutes away from Saranda. The town is constructed on the side of a mountain and crowned by its castle located at the top.The main streets are well preserved and still paved with hand worked stone.The old bazaar and characteristic houses will leave you speechless while the hospitality the traditional food,customs and traditions will amaze you!

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Experience albanias second uNESCO world heritage site

Most of the people associate Gjirokastra with the Ottomans,but the truth its origins date way back to around the IVth Century BC.The castle located on top of the town expansion can prove this showing its foundation stones belonging to the old days. During different periods of times the town changed under several different rulers but of course it flourished under the Ottoman Empire Rule.

The Architecture

The streets,the urban plan,the buildings are typical Ottoman style. Everything is hand made and placed carefully so good that it has resisted so many years. There are multiple paths and narrow streets all decorated with mosaics that lead the way from the castle down to the valley and vice versa.

The Bazaar

The bazaar is probably the best preserved area of the town. Multiple shops run by families of traders inherited through generations of hundreds of years,will welcome you to their shops where you can find all sorts of items.Souvenirs,books,handmade jewellery,delicatese foods ect.

The Castle

The castle located on the top will offer you amazing views of the whole town from above. Also two museums as well as a legend associated with its name.Argjirokastro or the Castle of Argjiro,the princess that jumped off the cliff together with her baby,only to not be a hostage of the Ottoman invadors….

Being an important town throughout the centuries,Gjirokaster has been the home of many important families.You have the chance to visit multiple of these mansions turned today into museums. The Zekate House, The Skendulaj House, The Kadare House , The House of Enver Hoxha (Albanian Communist dictator 1945-1985). At the majority of these houses you will find out that there are more than 6 bedrooms all equipped with chimneys,vast and large kitchens,handcraft wood decorations,hand made rugs and way much more.

Multiple houses listed as museums to be visited

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